CDEMA Earthquake Readiness - Earthquake Impact
Earthquake Impact

Earthquake Casualties

Casualties from Earthquakes may be due to:

Direct Hazards

  • Total or partial collapse of walls, buildings and bridges due to poor design and construction materials.

  • Falling furniture, shattering glass windows and mirrors.
  • Falling debris and dust from rubble.

  • Transportation casualties due to collapse of bridges etc.

  • Falling electricity lines.

  • Broken gas lines.

  • Floods from collapsed dams or river banks.

  • Release of hazardous materials.

  • Rock slides or landslides.

  • Liquefaction.

Indirect Hazards

  • Fires.

  • Release of hazardous material.

  • Electrocution.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Other Impacts of Earthquakes:

  • Blockage or breakage of transport activities.

  • Interruption of Water Supply.

  • Breakage of Sewage Disposal Systems.

  • Loss of Public Utilities, e.g. electricity & gas, and communications

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Out of 500,000 earthquakes each year only 20% can be felt.