CDEMA Earthquake Readiness - Family Emergency Plan
Family Emergency Plan
  • Prepare a Family Emergency Plan and ensure that each person knows his/her role.

  • Hold earthquake drills with your family members, so that everyone knows what to do during an earthquake: Make sure they know the "Drop, Cover and Hold On" response. Locate safe spots in each room under a sturdy table or against an inside wall. Reinforce this information by moving to these places during each drill.

  • Teach responsible family members how to turn off electricity, gas and water by learning location of safety valves and main switches.

  • Learn First Aid.

  • If your home is in a Tsunami inundation zone, plan and practice evacuation routes in case of a tsunamis threat. Pick an area 100 feet (30.5 m) or more above sea level. While tsunami waves don't normally exceed 25 feet (7.6 m), they may be forced to run-up as other waves come behind them. You should be able to reach your safe location on foot within 15 minutes. Be able to follow your evacuation route at night and during inclement weather. Discuss home earthquake plans with your family and friends. Have a plan for contacting each other and reunification (especially important with children) after the quake is over.

  • Set aside emergency supplies and equipment. Make sure supplies are not expired and are working properly. All family members should know how to use emergency equipment.

  • Parents:
    • Prepare your child to deal with an earthquake.

    • Be aware of your child's school earthquake policy and procedures

    • Provide your child's school with the name of an alternative guardian.

    • If your children's school is in an identified inundation zone for tsunamis, find out what the school's evacuation plan is. It may require you to pick your children up from the school or another location. Telephone lines during a tsunamis watch or warning may be overloaded and routes to and from schools may be jammed.
For further information:
Download Family Emergency Plan Booklet

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