CDEMA Earthquake Readiness - After an Earthquake
After an Earthquake

Additional Guidelines for Laboratory Operations or Industrial Settings

  • Depending on the time and circumstances of the earthquake, you may be asked to stay out of the building for a few minutes to a few days--or indefinitely.

  • Check the short-term evacuation checklist, and complete the essential steps listed. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Turn off gas burners.

    • Check quickly for fires, fire hazards, or spilled chemicals.

    • Check for injured or physically limited people who might have trouble evacuating the building.

    • Bring emergency supplies (first aid kit, flashlights, etc.) to the emergency assembly point.

    • Close the lab door as you leave.

    • Report crucial items or hazards to the appropriate official at the emergency assembly point.
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Aftershocks can follow an earthquake on and off for days or weeks.