FLOOD - A flood is an abnormal progressive rise in the water level of streams or rivers which may result in overflowing. Floods in the Caribbean can often be caused by heavy rainfall, dam or levee failures, tsunamis, storm surges or burst water mains.
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Official Flood Warning System


The terminology may differ from country to country, but an advisory or bulletin is a message issued by the authorities providing information on an imminent natural hazard and its development.

The local Meteorological Service, the Drainage/Water Resource Service and the Coastal Conservation Service, in association with the National Disaster Organization, issues advisories, watches and warnings. These are broadcast via the local or national TV or radio stations.


Flood Watch

This advisory is issued when conditions favourable for flooding begin to threaten a certain area and flooding is likely.


Flood Warning

This is issued when conditions indicate that water levels will exceed the alert level within 24 hours.


A Flash Flood Warning

A flash flood is already occurring. Seek higher ground and begin flood protection procedures. (link can be placed here to direct user to flood preparedness procedures)


All Clear

When this message is issued, conditions creating flooding are no longer in effect and water levels have begun to recede.

Precautionary Measures

On Hearing Advisory 

Continue normal activities but stay tuned to radio and television for further messages. Then start to prepare your home and family as necessary. Review the Be Flood Ready sections for more information.


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12 inches of water can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
New land development can increase flood risk, especially if the construction changes natural runoff paths.
In cases of severe flooding, water can take weeks to subside.
Large volumes of water can cause roadbeds to collapse.
Deforestation can cause flooding.
Flooding is the most common natural hazard.
Flash-flooding can occur within minutes.
Dams and levees are built to prevent flooding.
Flooding can cause millions of dollars in damage.
6 inches of moving water can sweep you off your feet.
Oil, and other chemicals carried in floodwaters can ruin crops and be hazardous to your health
When soil gets saturated with water, landslides may occur
More people die from drowning in fresh water floods during a hurricane or storm, than from any other cause.