FLOOD - A flood is an abnormal progressive rise in the water level of streams or rivers which may result in overflowing. Floods in the Caribbean can often be caused by heavy rainfall, dam or levee failures, tsunamis, storm surges or burst water mains.
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A flood is an unusual rise in water level. When an area which is normally dry land becomes covered by water, flooding has occurred. Floods in the Caribbean are often caused by heavy rainfall, broken dams or levees, tsunamis, unusually high tides, storm surges or burst water mains.

Flooding happens more often than any other natural hazard, and many people lose their lives by drowning. Only 6 inches of water is needed to sweep you off your feet and 12 inches to sweep a heavy vehicle away.

There are 5 types of flooding: Flash Floods, Riverine Floods, Coastal Floods, Ponding and Land Based Floods. Flash floods happen more often than any other type of flooding. A Flash Flood is a sudden and extreme increase in water. This type of flood happens very quickly with little warning and can be very dangerous.

To help prevent floods you should make sure that drains around your home are clear and free from garbage, which can stop water from flowing freely.

Stay indoors during flooding. Only go outside after the all-clear has been given. Do not go diving or swimming in flood waters because this is very dangerous.