HURRICANE - A hurricane is a tropical cyclone in which the maximum average wind speed near a centre or eye exceeds 74 mph or 119 Km/h.
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Media Resource Kit

Everyone needs to know how to act during a disaster.

The Media Resource Kit is a point of reference for media officials which can make their jobs easier and assist them in being more effective when a hurricane or natural hazard is expected.

The objectives of the Kit are:

  • To provide an easily accessible source of background information on disasters for media practitioners in the Caribbean;
  • To ensure consistent interpretation and reporting of basic disaster information by media practitioners across the Caribbean;
  • To alleviate the pressure placed on disaster management officials during emergencies by the need to constantly explain basic concepts, terminology, and practices to the media;
  • To demonstrate recognition of the important role of the media in disaster management and the commitment to increase cooperation and collaboration between media and disaster management professionals.

Disaster Information Kit for the Caribbean Media - a CDERA & UNESCO publication.

This publication contains background information on natural and made-made hazard and tips for covering disasters. The contents are:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Disaster Management – what it is and why it is necessary
  • Fact Sheets on:

    • Tropical Weather Systems: Messages for the public; Glossary; Contact information
    • Earthquakes: Messages for the public; Glossary
    • Tsunamis: Messages for the public; Glossary
    • Volcanoes: Messages for the public; Glossary
    • Floods: Messages for the public; Glossary
    • Landslides: Messages for the public; Glossary
    • Technological and man-made disasters: Messages for the public
    • Epidemics: Messages for the public
  • Contact Directory
  • Bibliography

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Hurricane season in the Atlantic lasts from June 1st to November 30th.
Tropical storms are given male and female names because this makes them easier to track. Before 1979 though, they only had female names.
A tropical storm becomes a hurricane when its winds reach 74 mph or higher.
Hurricanes are grouped into 5 categories according to their strength. Category 5 hurricanes are the strongest.
The “eye” is the centre of the hurricane and is the calmest part.
Slow moving hurricanes produce more rain and can cause more damage from flooding.
Putting tape on windows and glass will not stop them from breaking during a hurricane.
The word hurricane comes from the word Hurakan. Hurakan is the name of the Mayan god of wind and fire.