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CDEMA Tsunami Preparedness - Teaching Resources
Teaching Resources

Education – The Key to Survival

Knowledge can save lives, so schools and teachers have a crucial role to play in providing general and safety information on tsunamis and other hazards to today’s children – tomorrow’s adults.

Teaching tsunami science and safety to young children fosters a culture of responsibility for disaster preparedness at an early age.  It is hoped that the introduction of the Tsunami Smart Teacher Education Materials developed as part of the Tsunami and Other Coastal Hazards Warning System (TCHWS) Project will ensure that a large number of young people in the Caribbean will be exposed to the characteristics and behaviour of tsunamis, their effects and strategies for facing them, should they occur. The value of information was dramatically illustrated during the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004.  Most victims received no warning – but thousands of lives were saved in cases where tsunami knowledge existed and was used.

The overall goal of the resources developed under the TCHWS Project is to promote tsunami awareness and preparedness. The materials target a variety of disciplines at upper secondary school level and can be adapted for children of other age ranges to enrich material that is already being taught. It is also hoped that the materials can be disseminated and adapted by educators outside the formal school system.

Lessons that Can Save Lives – Teacher Educational Products on Tsunamis for the Caribbean:
  1. Teacher Resource Kit (5.68 MB)
    Includes A Teacher’s Guide consisting of four lessons on tsunamis and resources to be used with each lesson, a Tsunami Glossary and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section.

  2. Tsunami Smart Student Workbook (2.88 MB)
    Includes worksheets and accompanying activities that focus on teaching essential skills of communication, research, problem-solving,  social and co-operative skills; blank maps and graphic organizers. 

  3. Tsunami Smart Teacher Powerpoint Presentation (11.09 MB)
    A resource tool with interactive images and notes
  4. Tsunami Warning for the Caribbean (3.11 MB)
    Cartoon Booklet revised by the Seismic Research Centre, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (2010) 

  5. Tsunami Teacher Information and Resource Toolkit, UNESCO-IOC-ITIC http://ioc3.unesco.org/itic/contents.php?id=441


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