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CDEMA Tsunami Preparedness - Know The Natural Tsunami Warning Signs
Know The Natural Warning Signs
Tsunamis are often accompanied by natural signs that can be sensed by an alert person. Recognizing any of these tsunami warning signs at the beach could save your life.

Do you FEEL the ground shaking severely?
Strong earthquakes may cause tsunamis. RUN to high ground if you feel strong shaking.

Do you SEE the water withdraw an unusual distance?
As a tsunami approaches land, the ocean may pull back a long way from the shore, exposing the ocean floor, reefs and fish. RUN to high ground if the sea withdraws.

Do you HEAR a strange roar?
A roaring sound from the ocean is sometimes heard before a tsunami arrives. RUN to high ground if you hear a strange roar.

  • Run to high ground if you experience any one of these signs.

  • Do not wait for all of the signs to occur before leaving the area.

  • Authorities may not have enough time to issue an official Tsunami Warning so do not wait for official evacuation orders.

  • Do not try to surf the tsunami.
For more information
See the Tsunami Smart pamphlet:
Understanding Tsunamis (269.87 KB)


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